Moog DFAM Drummer From Another Mother

Analoger Drumcomputer & Sequencer
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Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother)

Compact drum machine with classic Moog sound ÔÇô DFAM features a well-equipped drum voice and an eight-step sequencer. Thanks to its semi-modular design with 24 patch points, sounds can be easily varied in the course of a pattern. It is thus possible to program interesting rhythms with this instrument alone. The DFAMÔÇÖs synthesizer voice is composed of two VCOs plus noise generator, a multimode Ladder filter, VCA and three envelopes. The sequencer comes equipped with pitch and velocity CV tracks.


  • Sound Engine: Analog
  • Analog Sequencer: 8-Steps With Pitch and Velocity Per-Step
  • Sequencer Panel Control: Tempo, Run/Stop, Trigger, Advance
  • Sound Sources: 2 Oscillators With Square and Triangle Waveforms, 1 White Noise Generator, 1 External Audio Input
  • Frequency Control: +/- 5 Octaves (10 Octave Range)
  • Mixer: Level controls for Oscillator 1, Oscillator 2 and White Noise/External Audio Input
  • Filter: 20Hz-20KHz Switchable Low Pass / High Pass 4-Pole Transistor Ladder Filter
  • Envelopes: VCO EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Bipolar Amount Control, VCF EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Bipolar Amount Control, VCA EG w/ Voltage Controlled Decay and Selectable Fast/Slow Attack Time
  • Patchbay: 24 x 3.5mm Jacks
  • Patchbay Inputs: Trigger, VCA CV, Velocity, VCA Decay, External Audio, VCF Decay, Noise Level, VCO Decay, VCF Mod, VCO 1 CV, 1ÔåÆ2 FM Amount, VCO 2 CV, Tempo, Run/Stop, Advance/Clock.
  • Patchbay Outputs: VCA, VCA EG, VCF EG, VCO EG, VCO 1, VCO 2, Trigger, Velocity, Pitch.
  • Audio Outputs: ‰ÔÇØ TS Line / ‰ÔÇØ TRS Headphones (Shared Output Jack)
  • Included Power Supply: 100-240 VAC; 50-60 Hz, +12 VDC 1200 mA
  • Power Consumption: 3.0 W
  • Eurorack Current Draw: 230mA (+12V ÔÇô from 10-pin header)
  • Eurorack Mounting Dimensions: 60HP (1ÔÇØ/26mm Module Depth)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 31,9 x 10,7 (with knobs) x 13,3 cm
  • Weight: 1,59 kg
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