MWM Phase Ultimate

Drahtloser DJ Controller für DVS mit 4 Sendern
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Phase Ultimate (4 Transmitters)


Wireless Controller for DVS (Digital Vinyl System):
Thanks to a first-of-a-kind patented technology, two remotes capture the turntable's rotation information and wirelessly send this information to a receiver. The receiver will then process the information and apply it to the digital signal it generates to send it to your setup.
  • Replaces DVS timecode with ultra stable motion detection.
  • More accurate and efficient than timecode vinyl and needles.
  • Rechargeable batteries with up to 10 hours of use.
  • No more issues with damaged needles, defective turntables, or rumble from the heavy bass.
  • Phase completely overcomes the limits of DVS technology to provide the most reliable solution for performers.
  • Flawless Performance
    Every rotation movement, even the tiniest, is detected by the remotes and instantly sent to the software, offering a real-time audio control with an unrivaled accuracy. This technology guarantees a seamless signal quality in any situation.
  • No more issues with damaged needles, defective turntables, or rumble from the heavy bass. Phase provides the quality and comfort of dj controllers, keeping the feeling and accuracy of real turntables.
  • Revolutionizing DVS Technology
    Phase uses an advanced and unique technology that allows you to control your music more effectively and accurately than with timecode vinyl technology. This wireless protocol, developed in-house, allows Phase to offer an unprecedented communication quality and reactivity.
  • Perform with Phase all the movements you would do on standard audio vinyls ÔÇô even the extra slow ones ÔÇô on any setup with the same precision.
  • 10 hours battery-life
    Once fully charged, Phase will last up to 10 hours of use. And to face up to daily hazards. Phase is compact, robust, and impact-resistant.
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